Central Finance 19 Aug

Grant Funding – Tips and Techniques from the experts

Alison Bradley has accessed millions of pounds worth of grant funding for businesses over the years and has a 100% track record in accessing grant funding for hundreds of businesses.

In recent years there has been a massive amount of grant funding available to businesses in the West Midlands and the surrounding areas and this ...

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CB-instantoffices 4 Jun

Chris Brown shares his Business Planning tips with leading SME Blog

Central Finance’s Chris Brown was recently asked to share his business planning expertise in five simple tips.

Read his contribution for Instant Offices’ Tips from the Experts – Creating a Business Plan feature by clicking here

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instant offices 22 May

Alison Bradley shares her top tips – Funding a Small Business

Alison Bradley, Managing Director at Central Finance was recently asked to share her top tips on Funding a Small Business for a well read SME Blog via Instant Offices.

1) Demonstrate Commitment to the Business

When borrowing money to expand or start a business, be sure to demonstrate your commitment to the business. For example, ...

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