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Entrepreneurs Conference 2016 – Birmingham

Birmingham was recently named the UK’s “Start-Up Capital”. Entrepreneurs make a great contribution to the region and its economy. They have great ideas and the drive to make them a reality. Entrepreneurs work very hard using fresh thinking with a willingness to take risks that brings new concepts, products and services, whilst creating jobs and wealth.

This conference offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to come together to meet, participate, network, hear from like-minded individuals, share tips and advice in a fast-paced, practical and informative event.

Access to finance can often be a challenge for today’s entrepreneur. Where to go? What is available? What is the process? Alison Bradley, Managing Director of Central Finance will be delivering a keynote speech and workshop on accessing finance including business grants. Alison has a vast knowledge and experience and will answer these and many more questions.

If you’d like to attend the Entrepreneurs Conference or find out more, please click here