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250% Turnover Increase thanks to our Funding Package for HD Connectivity

HD Connectivity, an award-winning smart home electronics company based in Malvern, have released a new multiroom HDTV system that is the first of its kind to be designed, developed and manufactured in the UK thanks to funding we arranged on their behalf.

We supported the ambitious Malvern-based technology business by providing a funding package to facilitate research and development for HD Connectivity’s latest product: a multiroom video distribution system for your home that lets any of your HDMI entertainment devices be accessed on up to eight HDTVs at the same time. The funding package also helped HD Connectivity bring the manufacturing of their HDanywhere brand products back to the UK and enabled them to export to the USA, Australia and Canada.

Chris Pinder, Co-Founder of HD Connectivity and HDanywhere brand says, “thanks to Steve and the team at Central Finance we’ve been able to push boundaries with new technologies, expand into new markets (including America, Australia and Canada), and invest in further research and development. As a result of Central Finance’s support we have been able to increase export sales by 250%- a truly great achievement.

“Our new multiroom HDTV video distribution system, designed and manufactured in the UK, is the first of its kind to be developed outside Asia and is proving to be popular with the American market due to its clever design, solid engineering and UK-based support.

“The ‘Made in Britain’ stamp is a strong endorsement of our product overseas, with clients recognising quality British engineering. Bringing the manufacturing of our products back to the UK from China lets us react to market conditions and feedback much quicker. We can now offer a better service and product, and in turn bring back jobs to the UK and boost the British economy.”

HD Connectivity’s award winning product is an innovative video distribution system that delivers multiroom HDTV viewing, allowing everyone living under the same roof to enjoy their choice of entertainment in different rooms at the same time. The future looks bright for HD Connectivity as more and more people buy devices like smart TVs and 4K TVs for their homes. According to Forbes magazine, the smart home industry could achieve £6.4b in global revenue by 2017.

Steve Harris, Worcestershire LEP Business Growth Board Member and Director at Central Finance adds, “Working with Chris and James Trumper (Operations Director) at HDanywhere to fund the research and development of the most sophisticated technology in video distribution and home entertainment has been a real pleasure.”

“Supporting businesses to invest and grow their services through funding is always rewarding, and it’s something we do daily at Central Finance, but this project is significantly interesting. Bringing back manufacturing to the UK from China and witnessing the birth of advanced technology in the Malvern Hills and not Silicone Valley in the USA is quite exciting.”

“Arranging finance to fund research and development into new technologies and future development for the HDanywhere brand and attract new customers from America, Canada and Australia is exactly the outcome we like to see here at Central Finance.”